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This Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) contains broadly defined areas of interest for ERDC’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) and intends to obtain innovative solutions or potential new capabilities in support of Infrastructure Science and Engineering (ISE) and Operational Science and Engineering (OSE). Solutions may include existing technologies or procedures that are not currently in use that would enhance or streamline mission capabilities. 

The CSO Solicitation document provides additional details and instructions.

Areas of Interest

Materials and Structures

Failing bridge replaced by the first-known plastic lumber vehicular bridge in the United States
  • Sustainable Engineered Wood/Mass Timber/Bio-Structural Building Solutions
    Technology Area(s): engineered wood, mass timber, bio-adhesives, green building, LEED, re-deployable fasteners, prefabricated panels, GHG reduction, modular buildings, hybrid structures, recycled/repurposed materials, energy efficiency
  • Bio-Based Building Insulating/Finishing Solutions
    Technology Area(s): insulation, building envelope, sustainable biomaterials, renewable natural fibers, mycelium, R-value, heat flux, energy savings, rigid board, modular components, rot resistance; waterproofing; moisture barriers; fireproofing; low-GHG; regenerative; weatherproofing

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Installation Energy

  • Energy and Water Efficiency and Security
    Products/methods/techniques that will improve overall energy efficiency or reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources are of interest. These include but are not limited to: combined heat and power generation, fuel cells, reformers, low Nox boilers/burners, natural gas and adsorption cooling, compressed air systems, distributed generation (wind, solar, hydropower), waste to energy, geothermal, and other high efficiency heating/ventilating/and air-conditioning systems. Further, novel processes that improve product development and deployment. Similarly, products/methods/techniques that address water efficiency and security are of interest. This may include but not limited to: potable water treatment and delivery systems, potable water storage, potable water metering and monitoring, gray water reuse, water recycling, rainwater harvesting, advanced wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, digital twins, and wastewater to energy.  

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Warfighter Engineering

Completed 3-D printed concrete barracks structure
  • Advanced Methods and Designs for Additive Construction
    Technology Area(s): additive construction, deployable 3D printers, 3D printing, autonomous material processing and delivery, autonomous construction accessory equipment, materials (polymers, concrete/composites, metals, etc), indigenous materials, design methods, software, infrastructure. 
  • Robotics for Engineering Operations
    Technology Area(s): autonomous controls, autonomous terrain shaping operations, robotic repair, field robotics, non-destructive testing/inspection, infrastructure, near real-time mapping (Engineer reconnaissance)

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Operational Energy

Operational Energy Area of Interest
  • Operational Energy
    Technology Area(s): hybrid power, metering and monitoring, invertors, energy storage, renewable energy, energy management systems, cloud infrastructure, coating technologies for power systems, power generation, design methods, software 

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Training Lands and Heritage Branch

  • Natural Infrastructure Condition Assessment and Lifecycle Management Optimization
    Technology Area(s):  Natural Lands Assessment and Management, Advanced/Remote Plant Community Identification, Structure and Dynamics Assessment. Rapid Soil Property Assessment and Characterization. Sensor Analytics, Ecological and Anthropogenic change detection, forecasting, and projection. Decision support for both military training/testing lands and potential theaters of operation.

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Sustainment Management System

  • Facility and Infrastructure Lifecycle Investment Optimization
    Technology Area(s):  Asset management, condition assessment, performance measurement, Building Information Models, digital planning, Building Sensor Analytics, degradation forecasting, risk-based decision making, facility investment optimization, process engineering

Additional details can be found in the CSO Solicitation.

Note: Submissions should NOT include confidential or proprietary details. Submissions may be shared with other ERDC teams if there is an apparent fit with other ERDC projects.

ERDC-CERL will typically use a one-step evaluation process but does reserve the right to request a live demonstration (See Section C) that would add a second step to the evaluation process if necessary and when appropriate. Under the one-step evaluation process, offerors whose proposed solutions meet the need of the government and include enough detail to complete a full technical evaluation may or may not be asked to provide a demonstration of their solution.

All resultant contracts will be firm-fixed price. All items, technologies, and services (including research and development) procured via this CSO are treated as commercial. The Contracting Officer must determine the price fair and reasonable prior to award. ERDC-CERL is conducting this CSO on a full and open basis and intends to award contracts in accordance with FAR part 12 and the FAR part that is deemed most appropriate for the solution proposed (i.e., FAR part 13, 15, and/or 35); the government reserves the right to award prototype agreements (e.g. Other Transaction Agreements), in accordance with 10 U.S.C. §4022, if deemed appropriate and in the government’s best interest.

How to Participate

1. Review the CSO Solicitation
2. Review FAQ
3. Once the solution is ready to submit, complete the submission form

Questions: Please send all technical and administrative questions using this form. Q&A will be updated periodically. It is the responsibility of the offeror to review Q&A prior to submitting a proposal.

All submissions received by 5:00 pm CST on October 31, 2024 will receive full consideration.

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