Emergency and Operational Support

Emergency and Operational Support CSO

Submit Innovative Solutions for Operational Energy

The Emergency and Operational Support Branch of the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC)’s Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (CERL) is seeking solutions to develop, improve, and deliver operational energy capabilities in support of both military and civilian mission sets of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

This Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO) contains broadly defined areas of interest. While some of these areas of interest are geared toward meeting requirements at listed locations, the Government reserves the right to award contracts from this CSO to meet ERDC-CERL requirements at other locations with similar areas of interest and mission requirements. ​

The CSO Solicitation document provides additional details and instructions.

Areas of Interest

Operational Energy

Operational Energy Area of Interest

Technology Area(s): hybrid power, metering and monitoring, invertors, energy storage, renewable energy, energy management systems, cloud infrastructure, coating technologies for power systems, power generation, design methods, software 

ERDC seeks to develop, improve, and deliver operational energy capabilities in support of both military and civilian mission sets of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. ERDC is conducting research in the broad area of operational energy in challenging and highly dynamic operating environments. This research would identify new opportunities for contingency base camp operational energy reduction (demand-side management) achieved through new and innovative technologies, improved system or operational modifications. This research would also identify new and innovative opportunities for improved power generation, to include renewables and energy storage (supply-side management). In addition, technologies considered should be able to withstand the harsh, demanding, and austere conditions of an operational environment. The solution should be compatible with US power requirements as well as NATO standards. The research would provide results on the latest base camp operational energy technologies or operational changes and quantify the associated cost/benefits for any proposed change. Deployable, mobile, and ruggedized solutions are preferred. 

The solution may address one or multiple aspects of this research area with a focus on reducing reliance on vulnerable resupply operations (both fuel and water) — this enables greater operational freedom of action and reduces the Soldier and system burden at the tactical edge; reducing the Warfighter’s individual carry load; conserving resources.  

ERDC-CERL will typically use a one-step evaluation process but does reserve the right to request a pitch (see CSO Solicitation) that would add a second step to the evaluation process. Under the one-step evaluation process, offerors whose proposed solutions meet the need of the government and include enough detail to complete a full technical evaluation will not be required to provide a pitch of their solution. 

All contracts will be firm-fixed price. All supplies and services procured via this CSO are treated as commercial. The Contracting Officer must determine the price fair and reasonable prior to award. ERDC-CERL is conducting this CSO on a full and open basis and intends to award contracts in accordance with FAR part 12 and the FAR part that is deemed most appropriate for the solution proposed (i.e. FAR part 13, 15, and/or 35); the government reserves the right to award agreements (e.g. Other Transaction Agreements), if deemed in the government’s best interest. 

How to Participate

1. Review the CSO Solicitation
2. Review FAQ
3. Once the solution is ready to submit, complete the submission form

Questions: Please send all technical and administrative questions using this form. Q&A will be updated periodically. It is the responsibility of the offeror to review Q&A prior to submitting a proposal.

All submissions received by 5:00 pm CST on November 7, 2023 will receive full consideration.

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