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Marine Corps / ERDC Collaboration Event – Base Modernization (ERDC Only)


U.S. Marine Corps Installation NeXt (I-neXt), led by Dr. Jason Dorvee, has approached ERDCWERX with a unique opportunity for ERDC researchers to propose project concepts related to needs in Marine Corps base modernization. Using our traditional tech challenge approach, we’re prepared to aid ERDC’s response to this request for collaboration from the Marine Corps. We will host a webinar to allow ERDC representatives to hear directly from the I-neXt team, assess the opportunity, and determine how you’d like to proceed.

Project Objective

I-neXt aims to:

  1. Identify the availability and maturity of specific capabilities, processes, technologies, and product.
  2. Seek interest to participate in exploring potential approaches, requirements, standards, and/or specifications for ten pilot use case demonstrations at Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) Albany or another Marine Corps installation. 
  3. Determine interest and capability among federal government laboratories to support I-neXt initiatives.

Note: I-neXt is concurrently conducting a RFI solicitation for industry and academia to submit use cases.  


I-neXt is exploring technologies and approaches to process improvement to enable Marine Corps installations to meet the challenges of the 21st Century and prepare for changes in the Marine Corps force structure that are being implemented by Force Design that may impact the infrastructure, services, and operations of our bases and stations. The focus for this request is to gather information to support MCLB Albany in addressing its top challenges to achieve installation modernization in line with Marine Corps strategy, MCIEAST (Marine Corps Installation EAST) regional guidance, and MCLB Albany priorities.


I-neXt invites brief submissions to include a 1-page description and quad chart that introduce researcher capabilities that meet one or more of the ten identified use case needs in each area (for details see addendum below)

   Digital Transformation

  1. Infrastructure Support for Expanded 5G Service  
  2. Application of Risk Management Framework
  3. ​Automated Support for Basic Services 
  4. Skilled Technical Expertise, Tools, and Partnerships  

   Advanced Manufacturing

  1. Decision-Making Support for Advanced Manufacturing 
  2. Data Integrity in Expanded Facility Control Systems  
  3. Infrastructure to Support Unmanned Systems for Industrial Processes  

   Space Optimization

  1. Multi-Purpose Community Space Utilization 
  2. Flexibility and Adaptation to Tenant Infrastructure Requirements  

   Force Protection

  1. Technology-Enabled Perimeter Control System

Learn More: The I-neXt team will present during an ERDCWERX informational webinar to be held Tuesday, 26 July 2022, 1430-1515 CST

Project Schedule

Project milestones include: 
​   20 July 2022 Opportunity announced to ERDC, submissions open 
   26 July 2022 Webinar for ERDC researchers 
   18 Aug 2022 Opportunity closed; submissions shared with I-neXt (Extended Deadline)
   31 Aug 2022 I-neXt completes review  
   Sep 2022 I-neXt hosts virtual pitch (if needed) 
   Sep 2022 I-neXt contacts ERDC researchers with submissions of interest 

   *Dates may vary to accommodate project team and participant availability.

How to Participate

  1. View supplemental material (download and view Addendumwhite paper template, and quad chart template)
  2. Join ERDCWERX informational webinar on Tuesday, 26 July 2022, 1430-1515 CST
  3. ​Complete the submission form

Questions: Questions may be submitted using this form.

Submissions must meet stated requirements and be received no later than 3:00 pm CST on 18 August 2022.

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