induction Hot Mix Asphalt

Pavement Repair Technology Capability Assessment

Project Objective

A business opportunity exists in the form of potential manufacture, distribution/service, and/or licensing of a pavement repair technology that has been patented by the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC). This solicitation seeks to identify business entities with the capacity to play a role in the commercialization of this patented innovation.

ERDC’s induction Hot Mix Asphalt (iHMA) serves as a rapid method for airfield damage and pothole repairs and is protected by patent #10,954,161 B2, issued on 23 March 2021.

Interested parties are invited to provide input regarding this innovation, its market potential, and its commercialization options (production, distribution, service, supply chain, and licensing). The submission of proprietary or confidential information is discouraged. This process does not, in any way, obligate or commit ERDC or participating entities to any particular form of collaboration or engagement. Parties interested to license this or other ERDC technologies are encouraged to access information sheets and application forms available at

Importance and Relevance

iHMA was designed to address a military need for rapidly applied asphalt that works on demand in the field. It is anticipated that this solution, if commercialized, could be useful to the military bases and airfields, municipalities, roadways, airports, racetracks, and ports. 

The iHMA design has been produced in prototype form and is protected by patent. The advancement of this innovation may benefit from collaboration with external partners in order to: 

  • develop a plan for commercialization to meet the needs of the federal government and the commercial marketplace
  • identify potential improvements that may enhance manufacturability and cost reduction


Appropriate respondents will have experience and capability in the manufacture and/or distribution of products that involve the same or similar components, materials, or customer base.

Evaluation Criteria

Submissions will be evaluated based on their suitability for potential collaboration with ERDC. Suitability will be determined as follows:

  • Amount of experience and insight exhibited regarding options for the design, production, and/or distribution of hot mix asphalt material or similar products
  • Possession of market insights regarding currently available pavement repair solutions and related products

Expected Result

ERDCWERX seeks to identify parties with the potential to contribute to and benefit from the commercialization of this innovation. Submitting parties may be contacted by ERDCWERX to gather more insights and clarification as needed. Based on findings, our project team may choose to contact select parties for discussion regarding commercialization options.

How to Participate

ERDCWERX tech challenges do not require that the applicant be certified to do business with the federal government. Industry, academia, national labs, individual innovators, and other parties are invited to apply for consideration. Interested parties may submit by completing a submission form and including appropriate documentation.

1. View ERDC’s induction Hot Mix Asphalt (iHMA)
2. Complete the interest form

Questions: Interested parties may contact us about this technology at

All submissions received by 3:00 p.m. CST on 21 October 2021 will receive full consideration.

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